Data Loggers

Crane Data Logger

Crane Data Logger

The DataPro-42 and DataPro-42+ Crane/Hoist Design Working Period Utilisation Recorder.

The DataPro-42 is an electronic device that can be installed onto new or re-certified cranes and hoists. The device
constantly monitors mechanisms utilisation and converts this data to a real time report, an example of which can be
seen below.

If you own or operate a crane or hoist and it is 7 calendar years old (or older), AS 2550.1-2011 recommends that you undertake a Major Assessment that includes a calculation of the remaining design life of the relevant crane and hoist mechanisms. If you have not undertaken the Major Assessment, then you are required to conduct a Major Inspection which will involve overhauling - or replacing - the relevant mechanisms.

If an electronic Data-Logger is not installed, then, during the Major Assessment, the life of the crane or hoist must be
reduced by a penalty factor which may be as high as 33%. With a penalty of this magnitude, installing the DataPro-42 becomes a very cost effective option.

The only method or providing accurate utilisation reports is electronically, the DataPro-42 gathers this information
and constantly calculates the real time utilisation against ‘M’ rated hours, and produces a report, which will clearly
show the ”Percentage Utilisation of hoist Design Working Period” and, satisfies the requirements of Clause 9.1 of AS 2550.1-2011, as “it is crucial that the actual duty is monitored regularly”.

This means that the end-user is guaranteed to achieve the maximum design life from the hoist, as it can be proved
that, although the hoist may have exceeded the mandatory 7 calendar year time frame, it has not been overloaded
and is still operating within the manufacturer’s original design life.

DataPro-42 - Specification

  •  IP-65 enclosure
  •  Wireless communications for initial calibration and downloading utilisation report
  •  Twenty years utilisation storage using on board Micro SD card + Additional Micro SD card for backup.
  •  Two inputs Used for hoist utilisation recording.
  •  Two inputs Used for cross and long travel utilisation recording
  •  Two outputs Used for overload protection - warning devices
  •  Variable input voltage 16-48 Vac
  •  Monitors long and cross travel running hours
  •  Minimum Ambient Operating Temperature: - 15° C
  •  Maximum Ambient Operating Temperature: + 70° C
  •  Interface with the BLD-405 digital load display.

DataPro-42+ - Specification

  •  Same specification as the DataPro-42 but with the additional functionality of being able to email the utilisation reports directly from the device using Next G network. (Requires Sim Card and Data Pack)